Aurora Update: Advisory Planning Commission meeting Wednesday Jan. 4th 7pm City Hall. Aurora on agenda.

The Aurora PUD is once again on the agenda at this weeks APC meeting. We need a strong attendance at the meeting in support of a "no" vote from the APC. Even though we have opened a new line of communication with the developer Chris White, we still feel that the current amendment is not ready to clear the APC. Hopefully a committee similar to the Spring Mill Station group can be formed to work towards a solution. The committee or group would be comprised of the developer, residents, outside consultants, APC representation and city council representation. We feel this approach would be a positive and effective way to move forward. Please attend this weeks APC meeting to show support and stay informed on the current status of the Aurora PUD and other projects in your community. Here is link to meeting agenda with documents.  This meeting will also be a great opportunity to bring yourself up to speed on The Grand Millennium Center Planned Unit Development (PUD) slated for downtownHope everyone had a great holiday!


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