Wood Wind development stalls with a 4-4 vote at APC. Why was the Aurora PUD not held to these standards?

"I think it is better than it was, but better than it was doesn't mean it's good enough yet or meets our comprehensive plan," Ginny Kelleher

It is refreshing to see that the Wood Wind development by Pulte homes is not being fast tracked through the the APC. Half of the members of the APC felt the project is still not up to Westfield standards and does not aligned itself with the comprehensive plan. This being a positive, it also raises a question. Why were the Aurora PUD and other projects not held to the same standards? After voting Aurora through, city council member Chuck Lehman said "I think it is better than what we had, it's not the best." Why would the city hold one developer to a higher standard than another? Why is the comprehensive plan used as a tool for one project but completely disregarded for another? If the Aurora PUD along with other projects were held to the same standards that the APC is holding the Wood Wind Project, they would all be at a stand still.  Click image below for full Indy Star article.