Neighborhood Voice: Wood Wind PUD going to city council without favorable vote from APC.

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Email your City Council at and ask them to vote NO on this Wood Wind PUD.

The Westfield APC, for the first time in many years, is NOT sending a favorable recommendation to the Council for the Wood Wind Development.  The official vote was 4-4.  One member was absent due to an unavoidable trip out of the country but he entered on public record that his vote was NO.  Although not officially counted due to state law, this would make the vote 5-4 against the Wood Wind Development.

We want to give a huge thank you to Mr. Chris Woodard, Mr. Tom Smith, Dr. Ginny Kelleher, Mr. Dave Schmitz and Mr. Bob Smith for supporting this community, supporting the kids of Westfield, following the Comprehensive Plan and doing what is right for Westfield by voting NO on this proposal. 

The APC members supporting the plan and voting yes included Steve Hoover (also City Council Member), Bob Horkay (also City Council Member), Randy Graham and Andre Maue.  Bob Horkay was asked by a number of citizens to recuse himself from the vote due to what appears to be an ethical conflict of interest.  Mr. Horkay’s son is employed by Pulte in Indianapolis, the petitioner for this project.  Mr. Horkay stated at the beginning of the meeting that he would be voting and proceeded to vote in favor of the project.

The City Council will vote Monday night at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall on this proposal.  Email your City Council at and ask them to vote NO on this Wood Wind PUD.

Here’s Why:

  • 1,300 lots are currently under construction and available on the west side of Westfield.  This PUD has the same price points and many of the exact same home designs
  • 1,350 lots are already rezoned on the west side.  This means over 2,600 lots are approved for new residential construction.
  • This PUD has over 1,000 homes.  Only 66 of these are custom.
  • This PUD has apartments which would be the 7th approved and not yet constructed apartment complex on the west side.
  • This PUD has the potential of over 60 acres of commercial – the size of Clay Terrace.  The comprehensive plan calls for 3-4 acres.
  • Pulte has 6 neighborhoods already under construction in Westfield.  This plan has many of the same home designs.  They’ve been asked for months to bring new designs that they build elsewhere but have refused.
  • The green space useable for the homeowners as part of their HOA dues, is about 35 acres or 6% of the 750 acres.  The open space numbers used by Pulte include the golf course (will have a fee) and retention ponds.
  • The opinion of many is the plan doesn’t follow the Comprehensive Plan authored by hundreds of Westfield citizens
  • The potential for creating something really special in this area due to location and topography is extremely high.  The city needs to wait for something really special.  Mayor Cook has mentioned that he is looking for quality not quantity.

  It is time and the time is now.  Please email your City Council and have your voice heard!