Neighborhood Voice Post. Upcoming TAC and City Council meetings

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Upcoming TAC & City Council Meetings (submitted by anonymous)

For those interested, there is an upcoming City Council meeting on November 14th at city Hall. As Aurora will not be on the agenda, public comments are allowed (for all non-agenda) items prior to regular agenda items. It has been suggested that RGA Westfield, shows up in large number. (This exact tactic was employed by several people at the September 12th City Council meeting. One regarding Wind Wood and three concerned about the GetGo near Harmony.) Residents should be advised to choose topics that are of broad concern for ALL rather than individual concerns about private property. All Counselors should be urged to vote no (when the PUD arrives in front of them) and advise APC committee members to vote no on the Aurora PUD. Unless compromise can be met between residents and the developer, the ramifications of the project can have a very long reach. Despite Mr. White's insistence that his project falls within the guidelines of the UDO, the APC can request limitations on what he plans to build in terms of size and height . As well, the current UDO, which has not been updated in two years, does not adequately address specific aesthetics. As a great example, Mr. Henke's PUD at Chatham Hills has an incredibly beautiful and cohesive design. While the UDO makes no requirement of this type, it would behoove both committees to consider the future of what Westfield will look like, instead of only focusing on their collective bottom line. The fiscal opportunity Aurora brings to Westfield is difficult for APC and City Council to ignore. In my opinion, arguments should be made to accept the opportunity for commercial sprawl without damaging the beautiful and rural landscape in the northern boundaries of the City. Moreover, there is a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting on November 15th at 9 am in the morning at the City Services Building. These meetings are public and may include information regarding infrastructure in the Aurora area. It might also be a good opportunity to find out if and when the East Street extension might happen. Just food for thought and a little information to keep you up date.