NV: Pulte Increases Homes in Proposal on West Side (Petition Link)

Already one of the largest proposed new developments in Westfield's history, Pulte has added more land and more homes (new total 1,040 homes and over 400 apartments) to their Wood Wind proposal.  A second public hearing date is set for Monday, November 21st at 7:00 p.m. during the APC Meeting at City Hall.  Due to the first public hearing being one of the largest remonstrances against a project in Westfield's history, a request has been made to the city to move to a larger venue than City Hall.  At the first public hearing, people stood in line over an hour to enter the building and many gave up and went home.  It is critical the citizens of Westfield have an opportunity to share their views on any development and especially one this large as any new development has implications for the schools, road safety, and public safety.

While this proposal intends to keep the golf course, it should not be at the expense of Westfield citizens and our children.  The golf course is a private business.  The group managing the course said they need rooftops in the Current last week.  There are already 21 neighborhoods under construction on the west side of Westfield.  It looks like having new rooftops isn't a problem.

City leaders must understand the extreme concern that you have.  What can you do?


  • Pass along this petition link to friends and families to sign
  • Send an email to Jesse Pohlman (jpohlman@westfield.in.gov)  expressing your concern
  • Post your concerns on development in Westfield on Facebook and Next Door
  • Come and speak on Monday, November 21st

Every effort counts and helps!  Thank you for your support and let's keep the strong message going that enough is enough!