Wood Wind PUD Update: A chill in the air. Wood Wind up for vote Tuesday with many looming problems. APC meeting January 17th at 7:00 at City Hall 130 Penn Street

Wood Wind Pulte PUD up for APC vote tomorrow evening. Residents see many looming issues and feel vote would be premature.

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On Tuesday evening January 17th at 7:00 at City Hall 130 Penn Street, it is highly likely that the APC will vote on the Wood Wind PUD.  This PUD would add over 1,000 homes to the community.  Over 900 of the homes can have between 4-7 bedrooms.  This will again impact our schools and children when the schools are already experiencing capacity problems.  If the referendum passes in May, the school tax will be $.50 which is one of the highest in the state.  It is time to ask our city leaders to only approve responsible development.  Please email the people below and share your concerns as soon as possible.  

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In addition, this proposal was to only be considered if it deed restricted the golf course and guaranteed it would remain.  It appears the deed restriction language still does not do that and could allow homes to be built on it.

Other issues:

1.  55% of the home designs proposed are already being built on the west side of Westfield today.  This is a direct violation of the comprehensive plan that says each neighborhood should have its own character and design.

2.  Pulte has been repeatedly asked to bring new designs and higher priced designs to this area like models being built in Carmel, Zionsville and Fishers to help our tax base.  They have refused to do this.

3.  There are currently over 1,300 lots under construction on the west side of Westfield at this same price point.  This is a nine year supply.

4.  The PUD still contains apartments and commercial at the corner of 146th and Towne Roads.  On the west side, we already have 6 apartment buildings approved.  This would be the 7th.  The commercial is 32 acres.  As a point of reference, the entire Kroger corner at 161st Street and Spring Mill is 15 acres so this would be double that.

Please attend the APC meeting tomorrow and keep yourself up to speed on the decisions your city officials are making. Every city vote has an impact on you as a resident.