Neighborhood Voice: Wood Wind PUD APC update

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Dear Neighbors -

The APC did not vote on the PUD last evening.  This was the only item on the agenda and it was under discussion for over a hour.  Many members had questions about this PUD including the deed restriction language, architecture standards, home price points, replication of home styles within our community, the apartments, commercial and gas station request.

Because of the many questions, Pulte did not ask for a vote.  The next steps will be for Pulte to respond to the questions presented by the APC and resubmit a revised PUD.  They would like to bring this back for the February 6th Plan Commission Meeting.  Please again mark your calendars for this date.  It is highly likely, we will once again need letters sent.

We can't express the importance of these letters enough.  We've heard a lot of feedback about the number of letters they are receiving and it is making a difference.  Please know you are impacting this project with every letter you write.  We've also heard that the letters are so incredibly fact based. Keep up the great work!!

If you have time for another letter today or tomorrow, please thank the APC for taking the time and due diligence to get this PUD right for Westfield.  It's critically important for our community and rushing something of this magnitude is not fiscally or developmentally responsible.

One last thank you to everyone who attended last evening.  It definitely showed people aren't going away.

Many Thanks,