Neighborhood Voice Chatham Commons: Westfield UDO, Comprehensive Plan and 31 Overlay MIA.


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Chatham Commons PUD

What’s the problem and why would anyone oppose this PUD?  It is, after all, being developed by Westfield’s premier developer, Henke Development.  We know from experience; Steve Henke puts out a beautiful product.  In conjunction with Marriott, he proposes to build two adjacent Marriott products that will serve visitors at Grand Park.  The introduction to City Council also mentioned a grocery store and pharmacy.

The problem is that there is nothing in the Westfield-Washington Comprehensive Plan that supports a PUD of this type being built in its location.  Assurances have been made that this project will go through regardless of any neighborhood input to the contrary.  Both the northwest and southwest corners of US 31 and 191st Street are labeled “Employment Corridors,” but a few say its intended purpose is “Regional Retail and Hospitality.”  (The southwest corner is posted as an upcoming LaQunita Inn and Retail Shoppes, which is a wholly separate product from Chatham Commons PUD.)

The Unified Development Ordinance of the City of Westfield very clearly outlines the rules of the US 31 Overlay Plan but, will it be dismissed again?  It was removed from the Aurora PUD.  If it is not utilized for Chatham Commons PUD, will residents ever see it integrated into any PUD?  Will the Commission and Council take the time to properly amend it out of the UDO, or will it continue to be ignored?

The item has been scheduled for public hearing at the APC meeting on March 6th at 7 pm at City Hall.