Neighborhood Voice: Wood Wind PUD Update

Good Morning Neighbors -

Pulte requested Monday evening at the City Council meeting to have their petition return to the APC for further review.  The City Council granted this request.  Joe Edwards and Cindy Spoljaric asked about a having a new public hearing but the responses were vague and the possibility of another public hearing is unknown at this time.  We don't know the date of this APC meeting but will alert you as soon as we know.  

Pulte will be making some changes but the extent of those changes is unknown.  We have reason to believe that the apartments and commercial are being removed from the PUD at 146th Street and Towne.  However, we all know the problems are much bigger than just that.

Let me know if you have any questions.  We thank all of you for your enduring support and resilience!  Have a great day!