Neighborhood Voice: More Rampant Growth Considered

Reader View Westfield Current.

Reader View Westfield Current.

Neighborhood Voice Posts are posts submitted by individual neighbors or concerned residents to our site. These posts can be submitted anonymously. Email us at for info.


More Rampant Growth Considered

Have you seen lots of signs opposing irresponsible development?
Again, last night a packed house at the APC, a lot of new neighbors but the same concerns about irresponsible growth and development with no consideration for existing residents. Who has the authority to do something about it? According to the City, and very specifically the Economic Development Director and his Department, APC, Council, BZA and the City attorney, they hold all the power, even the power to ignore the Comprehensive Plan or UDO or interpret them so differently than they were intended, all to please the developers and “grow” the City in ways the people couldn’t have imagined. No, they could have imagined what’s happening which is why they spent 2 years working on the Comprehensive Plan, passed in 2007 and ignored by Town Council President Cook who soon became Mayor Cook. And you don’t work for the City or serve if you don’t do as he wants. Ask two of our City Councilors.

We get development as PUDs because a PUD doesn’t follow zoning or the limited development standards we have. They become their own ordinances/law. Is anything being done proactively to change the future of development to protect the environment which draws so many people here? No. Any improvements to development standards? No. Anything to limit the timeline on development? No.

Last night, both an 8-year old PUD and a 14-year old PUD were challenged as to the negative impact on existing residents. Any consideration for the people of Maples of Spring Mill, Countryside or Water’s Edge? No, because the PUD is the law and the developer is going to maximize his profits. In the case of Water’s Edge, the developer made no effort to make sure families moving in knew what non-family friendly stuff would be built in front of them on SR32. No concern for the quality of life for the families and children. It’s still a secret as to what will be built on “20 blocks”. No cooperation, not even to the smallest extent. As for Spring Mill Trails (formerly known as Maple Knoll East) the town said they could do this 14 years ago and so they will do it. The City will not challenge the developers to do better as the City’s debt requires them to accept whatever. But wait, the City truly isn’t opposed to whatever the developer wants to put in Westfield. If they make a little noise, that is orchestrated. Wait for their vote of approval like they are helpless to demand better.

One by one each neighborhood shows up at an APC public hearing to ask for better, and one by one each neighborhood is listened to (as required by law per the City attorney – the EDD said last night he doesn’t know why we have these public hearings), but the decision has already been made. Divide and conquer, one neighborhood, one PUD at a time. Years go by and you can count on one hand the times the APC or Council turns something down. But watch out, it may be coming back like Westchester (WoodWind).

What power do the people hold? Power of the vote. Our local officials are intertwined on one board or commission to the next. The officials are overlapping in as many positions as possible. Do a little digging…we have.

Neighborhood Voice: Headline: HIGH ALERT - Wood Wind PUD Vote Monday Night at 7:00 pm

Neighborhood Voice Posts are posts submitted by individual neighbors or concerned residents to our site. These posts can be submitted anonymously. Email us at for info.

Headline:  HIGH ALERT - Wood Wind PUD Vote Monday Night at 7:00 pm

On Monday night at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall, your City Council will vote on the Wood Wind PUD that would add another 850 new homes to our city.  You were just asked to pay one of the highest school referendum taxes in the state because of our overcrowded schools. Citizens Utility is asking for a rate increase. An increased public safety tax is under consideration.  All of these are due to the rampant development/growth happening in this city.  HOW COULD A NEW 850 HOME DEVELOPMENT EVEN BE CONSIDERED BY YOUR CITY COUNCIL?  Your voice must be heard right now in the next 48 hours.  You cannot speak at Monday's meeting but you can email your City Council and Mayor and tell them you do not support this development.  Send your email by Monday to our Mayor Andy Cook at

and the City Council at  It's time for the citizens of Westfield to be heard!  Thank you for your continued support!


Neighborhood Voice: Round two. Wood Wind PUD back to council on Monday

Neighborhood Voice Posts are posts submitted by individual neighbors or concerned residents to our site. These posts can be submitted anonymously. Email us at for info.


Dear Neighbors,

We received confirmation from Jim Ake that the Wood Wind PUD will be on the agenda Monday night and a vote will be taken.  Once again, your attendance and letters are needed.

This entire process has so many events that are UNPRECEDENTED for Westfield.  We need one more UNPRECEDENTED event Monday night which is the Council to go against the recommendation of the APC.  We have one more opportunity to share our voice to try to make a difference for our city, school and our neighborhood's future.

On Tuesday, Westfield became the city that I believe has the highest referendum tax in the state to support the schools.  We've asked for this data from the school, but they asked us to research it ourselves.  I did my best and couldn't find any that were higher.  If you want to mention this, please qualify the information that we couldn't find any higher ones.  Bottom line is the Westfield tax payers are now paying a hefty price for this extreme rate of growth.

This PUD from the start had too many acres being developed by one builder.  It's still too many acres being developed by one builder. 


Here are the facts:


1.  Pulte Neighborhoods by City Currently Building:

Westfield - 6

Carmel - 4

Fishers - 4

Noblesville - 3

Zionsville - 2

Plainfield - 1

Avon - 1

Whitestown - 1

Brownsburg - 1

Why does Westfield have so many Pulte neighborhoods?  Won't this be a problem for all of our neighbors that have invested in a Pulte home when they go to sell?  This will mostly blanket the remaining unzoned acreage in the Southwest Suburban.  The Comprehensive Plan states having unique neighborhoods and not the same designs throughout the city.  

2.  Unreached Assessed Value Potential - How is the land best used?

Pulte claims the assessed value per home on this PUD will be between $500,000 - $600,000.  My numbers show Pulte's portion around $370,000.  I asked a Council member directly if he's seen calculations to explain Pulte's numbers and he told me no.  Throughout this entire process, we strive to be fact based and show how we arrive at numbers.  The numbers they are presenting include the custom which they are not building.  In Section 1, the homes are part of the HOA and do have custom character exhibits.  Pulte also has some of their designs.  If the PUD is followed, this area should have higher average selling price than $370,000 but this is only 84 homes of the 792.

However, in Section 4 West, the square footage standards do not match custom homes.  This land is being rezoned for the owners and is not part of the HOA.  All homeowners in the Shelbourne area should ask for 4 West to be removed based on the fact that it is not part of the HOA.  This SHOULD NOT be rezoned with this PUD.  These assessed value numbers should not cloud the real picture of how this land in this area is being used.

The potential in this area is incredible.  Here are the numbers:

If this PUD is passed, taking out 4 West but including section 1 as custom homes, the average selling price per home for the PUD would be about $418,000 times 792 homes equaling about $331,000,000 in assessed value for the city.  

If this land had 650 homes with an average selling price of $555,000, it would provide $361,00,000 in assessed value for the city.  That's almost 150 less homes and $30 million more dollars in assessed value every year!  In ten years, that's $300,000,000 more assessed value dollars for the city.   The burden on the roads, schools and public safety is less.

The short term financial band aids have got to stop.  If this PUD is approved, it will be one of the worst squandering of a potential asset ever in this city's history.

3.  Running the sewer line through the golf course

It appears if this PUD is approved, it will save Citizens (the utility not us) $4 million because they can run the sewer line through the golf course.  See prior bullet where the city is giving up close to $300,000,000 in potential assessed value over 10 years.  Why are we worried about what Citizen's Utility saves?  How is this benefiting Westfield over the long run vs. higher AV?

4.  PUD Problem:  Sparse Black Fencing and Homes Facing the Roads

This item is so simple and is intended to set the theme for the area.  In section 3, there is a very small portion with black fencing and in sections 4 & 5, there is none.  Over 50% of the homes are still not facing the road.  It will be the same as all other neighborhoods in Westfield with the backs of the homes facing the roads.  This needs to be fixed.

5.  PUD Problem:  Architecture

While it is very encouraging to have 70% side load garages and 90% with an 18" brick wrap, this many homes from the same builder is concerning.  Additionally, the language in the PUD still states that similar designs will be used so there's no guarantee of the architecture.  It's written ambiguously for a reason.  The APC and Council should get ready for a long road of amendments not to mention the burden on Mr. Skelton's group.

6.  Golf Course

The golf course has created confusion on this PUD.  We have worked diligently to get a deed restriction that keeps the course or green space for 50 years.  However, some within our city government feel saving the golf course is OK regardless of the cost to Westfield Citizens.  As most of you know, I fully support keeping the golf course but not at all costs.  Make no mistake, this PUD is a cash cow for everyone involved.  As this plan unfolds and after selling the course to Pulte, the current golf course owners, RN Thompson, will have the opportunity to buy the course back from Pulte and receive the projected $800,000 annual social fees from the homes.  This has been a lucrative business deal for everyone involved from day one and still is.  That's what business is so there's no fault here.  The fault comes with the city government if they don't analyze this entire PUD to understand the impact on Westfield citizens.  

Danielle Tolan, the Township Trustee, has asked for first right of refusal to buy the course and have it be a part of her parks department when Pulte is ready to sell the course.  Please put in an endorsement for Mrs. Tolan as she wants to see this land preserved in our community.

Just to clarify petition numbers - as of Monday, the petition put together by Pulte and the golf course had 415 online signatures.  The Stop Irresponsible Development petition led by our neighbor Beth Armstrong had 915.  The people of Westfield understand this situation and what's so troubling is I'm not sure our city leaders do.  We all want the golf course to stay but with this PUD, the price is too high.  We need to respectfully ask the Thompson family to work with the city and find a mutually beneficial solution to this issue.  

7.  Stop Irresponsible Development Signs

More people throughout the city are requesting these signs.  About 150 signs are in yards and more may be ordered.  They are spreading beyond our neighborhood.  It will be important from now until Monday night to make your friends aware of this vote and encourage them to use social media to share their opinions.  Also encourage them to write letters to the City Council and Mayor.  

Tuesday's referendum vote had more voters than the 2015 Primary vote for Mayor.  With only one item on the ballot, 46% of the city said "NO" to the referendum.  I respect everyone's viewpoint on this matter because it is very complex and personal.  I have talked to many people on both sides of this issue.  One constant was clear in these discussions - everyone wants great schools.  But many voting NO are so disgruntled with the rate of growth and poor planning that is financially impacting them, a clear message was sent.  Will the city leaders hear it?

This has been the most fact driven and largest remonstrance in the history of the city regarding a new neighborhood.  As a reminder, their are 19 neighborhoods under construction with about 1,300 lots available to build upon today on the west side.  There are another 1,300 lots on the west side that are rezoned and approved to build upon.  There will be NO EXCUSES accepted for not understanding the impact this many homes will have on the school and community.  Not one person in this neighborhood that is not benefiting financially has spoken in favor of this project.   It is time for this city's administration and City Council to hear its citizens.

8.  Please Write Letters AGAIN

Let's make this our best round of letters yet in sharing our viewpoints.   Please have them sent by Monday at noon so everyone has an opportunity to read them.

*Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A. Edison

9.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

Throughout this 10 month process, we've asked you to write letters, meet with city officials, and show up at meetings.  People are in awe of the steadfast dedication shown by all of you.  It has been my incredible honor to be a part of this neighborhood.  You have shown class, dignity and respectfulness in your passion for this area we call home.  Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you've done!

Any questions, let me know.


Suzy Dubois


Neighborhood Voice: School referendum information table and meeting times.

Neighborhood Voice Posts are posts submitted by individual neighbors or concerned residents to our site. These posts can be submitted anonymously. Email us at for info.

Dear Neighbors -

Please see the information below provided by Suzy DuBois concerning the upcoming second school referendum vote.  This information in the table is from a meeting with Nick Verhoff, the Business Manager for the School.  The vote is next Tuesday, May 2nd.

Additionally, if you'd like to learn more about this referendum, the school is hosting two meetings this week as follows:

Monday, April 24th at Maple Glen Elementary from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Thursday, April 27th at Carey Ridge Elementary from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

I am sending a document that provides some details surrounding the upcoming May 2nd Referendum vote for the schools.  I think that something that has become clear through our recent remonstrance is that we need to be educated about what is really happening in our community and we need to vote in these local elections.  Please pay special attention to the table and the impact that will be placed on our entire community if this passes.  The school was extremely vocal in pursuit of the Operations Referendum as it was presented as a reduction from a previous $.23 to a new $.20 seven year commitment.  However, they are being fairly quiet about the addition of the $.30 per 100 of Net Assessed Value that they are requesting with the upcoming referendum.  Please feel free to forward this information as our community deserves to understand what is being voted on and how it will impact their households.


Suzy DuBois
T.M.T., Inc.

Neighborhood Voice: Meet your City Councilors tonight 3/28/17 7pm @ Oak Trace Elementary

Neighborhood Voice Posts are posts submitted by individual neighbors or concerned residents to our site. These posts can be submitted anonymously. Email us at for info.


Good Morning Neighbors -

This evening the City Council is holding another open house to meet City Councilors.  Tonight, Steve Hoover and Cindy Spoljaric will be available to talk with you from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. at the Oak Trace Elementary Cafeteria.

Mr. Hoover is not the representative for our district but he has been a strong supporter of the Wood Wind PUD.  He voted in favor at the February APC Meeting for the PUD that included the commercial, apartments, and about 1,000 homes.  Mrs. Spoljaric is an at large member of the Council.

We strongly encourage you to take a few moments to go and introduce yourself and share your concerns.  This is an outstanding opportunity to communicate directly with people that have votes.  Your letters have been fantastic!  There is also great power in looking at someone's face and having a dialogue to express your concerns.  Don't miss this opportunity.

We thank our city leaders for making themselves available to the general public.  This has not been done in the past in this format and they are wanting to hear from citizens.

If you attend, please let me know how your communication went.

Thanks so much,

Suzy DuBois


Neighborhood Voice: Pulte back at APC tonight 7pm!


Mar 20, 2017 — Pulte will present before the APC a newly submitted PUD and will ask for a vote. It is not likely there will be an opportunity for public comment so your letters are urgently needed! While improvement has been made to this PUD, the plan as a whole still does not meet the Comprehensive Plan and in no way maximizes the potential for this area of Westfield. Most concerning is the density and the impact on the schools. With another referendum coming up to $.30, the continuing approval of IRRESPONSIBLE DEVELOPMENT is contributing to the financial problems at the schools.
Bottom line is if this is approved as it is, it will diminish the lifestyle of everyone in this area. Our lives and how we've chosen to live in Westfield will never be the same. Please try to communicate this in your letters to these emails:


Let your voice be heard: Westfield Council Connections Meeting tonight. March 7th Carey Ridge Elementary 7-8:30 pm

Please come out tonight for the Westfield Council Connections meeting. These meetings are a great opportuinity to ask questions directly to your city council members. Hopefully these meetings will help remedy the breakdown in communication between the residents of Westfield the the city's leadership. Hope to see everyone there!

Losing is still not a tie or a win. Sports Campus (GRAND PARK) Gains Slightly on 3 Year Losses.

 Sports Campus (GRAND PARK) Gains Slightly on 3 Year Losses.

"Again, these numbers do not include costs of land, fields, buildings, turf, parking lots, interest, fire, police, legal, accounting, promotion, consulting fees, etc.  These costs are in the Millions making the true losses in the Millions of dollars."

Neighborhood Voice: Wood Wind PUD Update

Good Morning Neighbors -

Pulte requested Monday evening at the City Council meeting to have their petition return to the APC for further review.  The City Council granted this request.  Joe Edwards and Cindy Spoljaric asked about a having a new public hearing but the responses were vague and the possibility of another public hearing is unknown at this time.  We don't know the date of this APC meeting but will alert you as soon as we know.  

Pulte will be making some changes but the extent of those changes is unknown.  We have reason to believe that the apartments and commercial are being removed from the PUD at 146th Street and Towne.  However, we all know the problems are much bigger than just that.

Let me know if you have any questions.  We thank all of you for your enduring support and resilience!  Have a great day!


Neighborhood Voice Chatham Commons: Westfield UDO, Comprehensive Plan and 31 Overlay MIA.


Neighborhood Voice Posts are posts submitted by individual neighbors or concerned residents to our site. These posts can be submitted anonymously. Email us at for info.

Chatham Commons PUD

What’s the problem and why would anyone oppose this PUD?  It is, after all, being developed by Westfield’s premier developer, Henke Development.  We know from experience; Steve Henke puts out a beautiful product.  In conjunction with Marriott, he proposes to build two adjacent Marriott products that will serve visitors at Grand Park.  The introduction to City Council also mentioned a grocery store and pharmacy.

The problem is that there is nothing in the Westfield-Washington Comprehensive Plan that supports a PUD of this type being built in its location.  Assurances have been made that this project will go through regardless of any neighborhood input to the contrary.  Both the northwest and southwest corners of US 31 and 191st Street are labeled “Employment Corridors,” but a few say its intended purpose is “Regional Retail and Hospitality.”  (The southwest corner is posted as an upcoming LaQunita Inn and Retail Shoppes, which is a wholly separate product from Chatham Commons PUD.)

The Unified Development Ordinance of the City of Westfield very clearly outlines the rules of the US 31 Overlay Plan but, will it be dismissed again?  It was removed from the Aurora PUD.  If it is not utilized for Chatham Commons PUD, will residents ever see it integrated into any PUD?  Will the Commission and Council take the time to properly amend it out of the UDO, or will it continue to be ignored?

The item has been scheduled for public hearing at the APC meeting on March 6th at 7 pm at City Hall.


New Development Alert: Chatham Hills Center Planned Unit Development (PUD) District is being introduced at Westfield City Council tonight. 7pm @ City Hall.

Chatham Hills Center Planned Unit Development (PUD) District is being introduced at Westfield City Council tonight

BOARD OR COMMISSION:City Council Meeting

MEETING DATE:Monday, February 13, 2017 at 07:00 PM

MEETING PLACE: Westfield City Hall- Assembly Room

Please attend city council meeting tonight for the introduction of the Chatham Hills Center PUD. It is important that we all stay informed on all new development in Westfield. Tonight will not be open for public comment but will be very informative. Follow this link for documents and agenda. Keep a close eye on the usage tables and setbacks for this PUD. If you are directly impacted, these are very important details. Attending tonight and looking over the project documents will help prepare everyone for public comment at the APC meeting. A good citizen is an informed citizen.


Neighborhood Voice: Wood Wind PUD going to city council without favorable vote from APC.

Neighborhood Voice Posts are posts submitted by individual neighbors or concerned residents to our site. These posts can be submitted anonymously. Email us at for info.

Email your City Council at and ask them to vote NO on this Wood Wind PUD.

The Westfield APC, for the first time in many years, is NOT sending a favorable recommendation to the Council for the Wood Wind Development.  The official vote was 4-4.  One member was absent due to an unavoidable trip out of the country but he entered on public record that his vote was NO.  Although not officially counted due to state law, this would make the vote 5-4 against the Wood Wind Development.

We want to give a huge thank you to Mr. Chris Woodard, Mr. Tom Smith, Dr. Ginny Kelleher, Mr. Dave Schmitz and Mr. Bob Smith for supporting this community, supporting the kids of Westfield, following the Comprehensive Plan and doing what is right for Westfield by voting NO on this proposal. 

The APC members supporting the plan and voting yes included Steve Hoover (also City Council Member), Bob Horkay (also City Council Member), Randy Graham and Andre Maue.  Bob Horkay was asked by a number of citizens to recuse himself from the vote due to what appears to be an ethical conflict of interest.  Mr. Horkay’s son is employed by Pulte in Indianapolis, the petitioner for this project.  Mr. Horkay stated at the beginning of the meeting that he would be voting and proceeded to vote in favor of the project.

The City Council will vote Monday night at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall on this proposal.  Email your City Council at and ask them to vote NO on this Wood Wind PUD.

Here’s Why:

  • 1,300 lots are currently under construction and available on the west side of Westfield.  This PUD has the same price points and many of the exact same home designs
  • 1,350 lots are already rezoned on the west side.  This means over 2,600 lots are approved for new residential construction.
  • This PUD has over 1,000 homes.  Only 66 of these are custom.
  • This PUD has apartments which would be the 7th approved and not yet constructed apartment complex on the west side.
  • This PUD has the potential of over 60 acres of commercial – the size of Clay Terrace.  The comprehensive plan calls for 3-4 acres.
  • Pulte has 6 neighborhoods already under construction in Westfield.  This plan has many of the same home designs.  They’ve been asked for months to bring new designs that they build elsewhere but have refused.
  • The green space useable for the homeowners as part of their HOA dues, is about 35 acres or 6% of the 750 acres.  The open space numbers used by Pulte include the golf course (will have a fee) and retention ponds.
  • The opinion of many is the plan doesn’t follow the Comprehensive Plan authored by hundreds of Westfield citizens
  • The potential for creating something really special in this area due to location and topography is extremely high.  The city needs to wait for something really special.  Mayor Cook has mentioned that he is looking for quality not quantity.

  It is time and the time is now.  Please email your City Council and have your voice heard!

Wood Wind development stalls with a 4-4 vote at APC. Why was the Aurora PUD not held to these standards?

"I think it is better than it was, but better than it was doesn't mean it's good enough yet or meets our comprehensive plan," Ginny Kelleher

It is refreshing to see that the Wood Wind development by Pulte homes is not being fast tracked through the the APC. Half of the members of the APC felt the project is still not up to Westfield standards and does not aligned itself with the comprehensive plan. This being a positive, it also raises a question. Why were the Aurora PUD and other projects not held to the same standards? After voting Aurora through, city council member Chuck Lehman said "I think it is better than what we had, it's not the best." Why would the city hold one developer to a higher standard than another? Why is the comprehensive plan used as a tool for one project but completely disregarded for another? If the Aurora PUD along with other projects were held to the same standards that the APC is holding the Wood Wind Project, they would all be at a stand still.  Click image below for full Indy Star article.


Neighborhood Voice: Letter to the city. Wood Wind not ready for vote.

Neighborhood Voice Posts are posts submitted by individual neighbors or concerned residents to our site. These posts can be submitted anonymously. Email us at for info.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Woodwind PUD is on the schedule for the February 6th agenda.  Even though revisions were due on Friday the 3rd, Pulte continues to make last minute adjustments because they know they have not done enough.  I know this because there are many e-mails still circulating from them.  Pulte has failed to listen intently to the reasonable requests and suggestions of many of the APC Members and more importantly to the tax paying citizens who live in this area of the city.  Pulte will claim that they have worked with the neighbors.  They have met with some of the neighbors but they have done little to address the concerns and reasonable suggestions.  I am attaching my review of the revision that was posted on the agenda Friday that points out questions and concerns by section.

First of all, does the golf course remain or not?  Maybe the golf course remains for about 50 years, but maybe not.  Maybe the Woodwind homeowners don't want to pay the high HOA fees and vote to eliminate the course.  Maybe the golf course owner decides they don't want to continue to operate the course.  Regardless of what this language implies since when was it acceptable to alter the open space in our neighborhoods to something other than open space?  This is clearly the only meaningful open space in the entire PUD and yet we allow the potential to eliminate it.  The comment has been made that people in the future may wish to do something other than use green space in manners currently enjoyed.  Should we put a 50 year mark on all our city parks if we believe this? 

Thousands of man hours have been spent gathering data to ensure you are provided the facts as you make a decision that will potentially increase the population of our community by 15%.  This could be one of the largest PUD's ever considered.  The facts say that what is being proposed is a homogeneous '"cookie cutter" product mix that is currently built down the street at a similar price point of 85% of the homes in this area.  The average starting price point for this PUD is $298,000(this is pulled directly from Pulte's website).  David Compton may argue that like his Tahoe purchase he added things to the price of his car, however, the average home buyer will not add more than 25% to the base price of the house.  

Over 85% of the homes in this area of Westfield are not covering the costs for our schools or infrastructure, (target of $375,000).  Over 60% of the recommended homes are built in Viking Meadows and Maple Knoll.  If you doubt this please compare the model names provided in Pulte's presentations to those offered in those neighborhoods.  You will easily be able to verify this fact.  The price points are reflective in the housing in this area, (please see the housing inventory provided) and are readily available in the 1,340 developed lots in the 19 neighborhoods currently under construction in this area.  Pulte is capable of much better but they chose to build the suggested higher end product in Carmel and Fishers not Westfield as was requested over and over again!  Our city desires housing options for all that include a variety of price points and lot sizes.

Over 70% of the homes have front loaded garages.  One will drive the streets of this neighborhood and see one garage door after another, over 700 of them. That may be why they have more character exhibits of garage doors than most of their housing models.  You may have noticed that the character exhibits for the "custom homes" do not show a single example with a front load garage.  It does make a big positive difference.  This was a significant request of the Comprehensive Plan to avoid this horrid appearance of front loaded garages.  It has been suggested from day one that they add more side load product offerings.  Pulte has chosen to ignore this request.

The architecture enhancements offered in the recent PUD revision are appreciated.  Please look at the architecture at Harmony and the improvements that were requested and delivered upon at Liberty Ridge.  What Pulte is presenting at their borders is not at the same level.  Why would you allow something less after commitments were made to other developers that future development would have the same high standards ie: Cal Atlantic?  

The language with the architectural enhancements reads in the form of a riddle.  Pulte has made it extremely hard to understand exactly what they are committing to but clearly it is not enough.  Do 20% of the homes receive a masonry wrap?  Or is it 20% of 40% of the lots, or a total of 8% of the homes in each section?  Do the 50% of homes on the golf course qualify towards the 8% or 20% or 40%?  If anyone wants to get back with me on what they really mean by this that would be great.  100% of homes on the premium golf course course lots should have a masonry wrap.  The golf course will be visited by many and is a reflection on the quality of our community.

The corner of 146th and Town Road has some new language.  The combination of the commercial and the flex area could account for 32 acres of commercial has remained with the one positive elimination of the fueling station.  This is twice the size of the Kroger shopping area at 161st and Springmill and far surpasses the original intended commercial node of 3-4 acres according to some of the original authors of the Comprehensive Plan.  The multi family area, that is in complete violation of our UDO and brings nothing new in writing to the already approved 6 apartment complexes for this area, has new language that if not transferred to a multi family developer within three years it too can be approved for commercial uses.  There is no commitment to the apartment builder of the Kentucky horse barn apartment in the PUD language.  This could create a commercial site the size of Clay Terrace.  We have heard that our city needs more commercial but there are specific areas in our Comprehensive Plans as to where something of this size and magnitude should be located ie: on Hwy 31, Hwy 32, Grand Junction, and Grand Park Village.  The allowance of a commercial site this size violates the intent of the Comprehensive Plan and will cannibalize the desired commercial sites. 

We have presented factual data as to how this PUD fails to meet the five criteria that must be considered for a re-zone according to the laws of the state of Indiana over and over again and it has not changed. If you have had the opportunity to drive around in the southwest section of Westfield you will be hard pressed to ignore the "STOP Irresponsible Development" signs in the yards of those who live and pay taxes here.  There are 100 signs in tax paying voting citizens' yards.  The people have presented the facts and the facts say that this PUD does not meet the five criteria.  It would be in the best interest of our entire community to wait for something better because Westfield deserves it.  

Thank you for your consideration



Neighborhood Voice: Wood Wind PUD APC update

Neighborhood Voice Posts are posts submitted by individual neighbors or concerned residents to our site. These posts can be submitted anonymously. Email us at for info.

Dear Neighbors -

The APC did not vote on the PUD last evening.  This was the only item on the agenda and it was under discussion for over a hour.  Many members had questions about this PUD including the deed restriction language, architecture standards, home price points, replication of home styles within our community, the apartments, commercial and gas station request.

Because of the many questions, Pulte did not ask for a vote.  The next steps will be for Pulte to respond to the questions presented by the APC and resubmit a revised PUD.  They would like to bring this back for the February 6th Plan Commission Meeting.  Please again mark your calendars for this date.  It is highly likely, we will once again need letters sent.

We can't express the importance of these letters enough.  We've heard a lot of feedback about the number of letters they are receiving and it is making a difference.  Please know you are impacting this project with every letter you write.  We've also heard that the letters are so incredibly fact based. Keep up the great work!!

If you have time for another letter today or tomorrow, please thank the APC for taking the time and due diligence to get this PUD right for Westfield.  It's critically important for our community and rushing something of this magnitude is not fiscally or developmentally responsible.

One last thank you to everyone who attended last evening.  It definitely showed people aren't going away.

Many Thanks,

Wood Wind PUD Update: A chill in the air. Wood Wind up for vote Tuesday with many looming problems. APC meeting January 17th at 7:00 at City Hall 130 Penn Street

Wood Wind Pulte PUD up for APC vote tomorrow evening. Residents see many looming issues and feel vote would be premature.

APC Agenda Link

On Tuesday evening January 17th at 7:00 at City Hall 130 Penn Street, it is highly likely that the APC will vote on the Wood Wind PUD.  This PUD would add over 1,000 homes to the community.  Over 900 of the homes can have between 4-7 bedrooms.  This will again impact our schools and children when the schools are already experiencing capacity problems.  If the referendum passes in May, the school tax will be $.50 which is one of the highest in the state.  It is time to ask our city leaders to only approve responsible development.  Please email the people below and share your concerns as soon as possible.  

Email Addresses:

In addition, this proposal was to only be considered if it deed restricted the golf course and guaranteed it would remain.  It appears the deed restriction language still does not do that and could allow homes to be built on it.

Other issues:

1.  55% of the home designs proposed are already being built on the west side of Westfield today.  This is a direct violation of the comprehensive plan that says each neighborhood should have its own character and design.

2.  Pulte has been repeatedly asked to bring new designs and higher priced designs to this area like models being built in Carmel, Zionsville and Fishers to help our tax base.  They have refused to do this.

3.  There are currently over 1,300 lots under construction on the west side of Westfield at this same price point.  This is a nine year supply.

4.  The PUD still contains apartments and commercial at the corner of 146th and Towne Roads.  On the west side, we already have 6 apartment buildings approved.  This would be the 7th.  The commercial is 32 acres.  As a point of reference, the entire Kroger corner at 161st Street and Spring Mill is 15 acres so this would be double that.

Please attend the APC meeting tomorrow and keep yourself up to speed on the decisions your city officials are making. Every city vote has an impact on you as a resident.